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On Our Own Authority! Publishing (OooA!) is an emerging autonomous research press based in Atlanta, Georgia. Specializing in anarchist and radical literature, we plan to publish intellectual and social movement history and studies of global political thought.

We also strive to be an outstanding publisher of International Labor and Working Class History; African, Caribbean, and African American history and political thought; post-colonial studies, studies of international popular revolt; Gender and Sexuality studies; the Asian American Radical Tradition; and Social Ecology.

We have already published our first two titles, which are available from our website (, as well as from


The Bolsheviks and Workers' Control 1917-1921: The State and Counter Revolution, by Maurice Brinton, offers a critical history of the Russian Revolution which seeks to explore crucial distinctions between the ideas of working class self-management and what Lenin called "workers' control." Brinton documents the actions taken by the Bolshevik party and state against the self-organized Russian workers' councils (soviets). In doing so, he exposes key issues which continue to plauge the revolutionary Left today. (More Info:


The Bauxite Strike and the Old Politics, by Eusi Kwayana, explores a unique labor struggle in 1970s Guyana, where Afro-Guyanese bauxite mineworkers faced off against their government and their union in the nationalized bauxite industry. Originally published in 1972, Kwayana's documentation of the Guyanese workers' self-mobilization leads its reader to reconsider the nature of representative government as the bauxite miners organize their own direct-democratic popular assemblies and councils. This new edition contains a new introduction and an appendix of addional material which demonstrate Kwayana's evolving conceptions of Black Power in the mid 20th century which were informed by the continuing direct action of the Guyanese working class. (More Info:

Other titles to be released in 2012 and 2013 will include:

Lynch Law in Georgia & Other Writings 1899-1920, by Ida B Wells-Barnett
The Famous Speeches of the Eight Chicago Anarchists, by Lucy Parsons
Organization and Spontaneity, by Kimathi Mohamed
The Labor Movement in Japan by Sen Katayama
In the Shadow of State Power: CLR James, Direct Democracy and National Liberation Struggles, by Matthew Quest
The Bolshevik Myth and the Kronstadt Rebellion: Selected Writings by Alexander Berkman

Also forthcoming will be new editions of classic works by Emma Goldman and Peter Kropotkin; a new critical analyses of the movement for the Sixth Pan-African Congress; and a book on CLR James’ African American politics. We also plan to publish edited volumes of essays on the intellectual legacies of Walter Rodney and WEB Du Bois.

You can learn more about On Our Own Authority! Publishing by visiting our website:


Re: New Independent Radical Press in Atlanta

Seriously come to the assembly I know a lot of people that want to get involved with this.

Re: New Independent Radical Press in Atlanta

When everything is COINTELPRO then the govt doesn't have to do shit because youre already so paranoid. 

Some things just happen by coincedence

Some things are just trolling

Get over it.

Re: New Independent Radical Press in Atlanta


It's too convienent that given all the shit anarchists are doing in atlanta that now someone has published a book attacking us.


Re: New Independent Radical Press in Atlanta

One of the unifying ideals of anarchism across all tendencies is that trolling in this manner will bring about the revolution. 

Re: New Independent Radical Press in Atlanta

Anarchists never organize anything. All they do is troll those of us that are busy raising consciousness.

Re: New Independent Radical Press in Atlanta

for the lulz. that's cool.

Re: New Independent Radical Press in Atlanta

its for the lulz yo. 

Wanta focus on the other things... then join us in everything else we do to contront it all the time or continue to rant on indymedia against the trolls.


Re: New Independent Radical Press in Atlanta

you would think we were today living under Lenin's regime given all these comments. i despise lenin, the man, the figure, and his work, as much as the next anti-authoritarian - but when are we gonna move on and look at contemporary forms of power that call for our direct confrontation, so that we may interrogate and understand their means of functioning? one would hope social/spacial proximity to the authoritarian fan-club would not suffice to distract anti-authoritarians indefinitely.

we broke up, now let's move on! pre-occupation with an ex can turn into a pathetic obsession.

Re: New Independent Radical Press in Atlanta

Who wants to do a reading group of the Bolshevik book where at the end we burn every copy of Lenins State and Revolution we can find.


Re: New Independent Radical Press in Atlanta

Wait WHAT!?!

A new anarchist publisher in Atlanta!?!  How come we don't know each other?

This has to change!
Anarchist Assembly up on your schedule
Book party up on your schedule

Very excited to read what yall publish!

Re: New Independent Radical Press in Atlanta

Re: New Independent Radical Press in Atlanta

The Bolshevik book looks pretty damn interesting. 

I definitely think you guys should come to the Assembly and that would probably be the best time to talk about planning a launch. You might also want to bring some copies of the Lenin slander novel/ Future Anarchist Classic : The Bolsheviks and Workers Control 1917-1921: The State and Counter-Revolution. 

I am sure some infantile lifestylist anarchists would love to get their hands on this book before it is banned by the Glorious Leader herself.

I personally would love to have more tricks up my sleeves when going head to head with the Leninsts. Especially since there appears to be a Leninist Revivial happening in Atlanta.


Re: New Independent Radical Press in Atlanta

Re: New Independent Radical Press in Atlanta

"The Bolsheviks and Workers' Control 1917-1921: The State and Counter Revolution" is a great example of the kind of infantile, revisionist garbage that utopian libertarians such as anarchists publish from time to time. If it is not in fact COINTELPRO than it might as well be.

Why do you insist upon rejection the scientific leadership of revolution presented by Marx and the continuers of his legacy? Revoltionary science tells us, but certainly we don't need science to see what is plain, that breaking windows and dragging newspaper boxes into the street is no strategy for revolution.

One must crawl before walking. Pediatric science tells us so. Crawling around without revolutionary science to guide you is unaccountable and foolish. Crawling is not historical. Learn to walk - learn revolutionary science.

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You know you want to :)

Re: New Independent Radical Press in Atlanta


Sign up now to table at the Riot Literature Convention, um, I mean, the 3rd Annual Carrboro Anarchist Bookfair.
















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I think it's great that y'all are starting this project! Definitely excited to get a copy of "The Bolsheviks and Workers' Control"--have seen that book referenced a good bit, but have never read it. Look forward to meeting y'all, and I also think a book release party/publishing house launch would be a good way to meet alot of fellow radicals in town and let 'em know about what you're doing.

Anarchist Assembly and Book Release Party

Wow. Thanks to everyone for the gracious support! There seems to be a consensus desire for a book release party. Sounds like a great idea to us! If anyone is interested in helping us organize such an event, please email us at and let us know. We will need help and input from people in the community to choose a date/time/venue and such.

We also want to thank the individual(s) who invited us to the Atlanta Anarchist Assembly. We will definately keep this event on our radar, as we are interested in meeting people who want to talk about future publishing projects. Also, perhaps after or during the assembly, some folks would like to use this oppertunity to discuss the possible Book Release Party. If so, let us know!

Anyway, thanks again to everyone for the kind words of support! Feedback is crucial, so feel free to contact us at if you have an idea or suggestion!

Re: New Independent Radical Press in Atlanta

Oh shit. You just know the Lenin lickers are having an aneurism (just like Lenin did!!) over this being published in their backyard.

It is remarkable that OOOABooks didn't need to raise $3,000 to publish a couple of books and yet the authoritarian socialist[1], Kasama-linked[2] organization Take Back the Block needed $3,000 to publish a measly newsletter. One that has yet to materialize, I might add.

[1] TBtB is an authoritarian socialist organization. Its form and leadership reflects this even if the tendencies of its membership body does not yet exclusively reflect such.

[2] When TBtB's leadership was scathingly heckled by anti-authoritarians in Seattle they were empaneled at a conference masquerading as a festival organized by Kasama and local Seattle Kasama affiliates and front-groups.

When TBtB's leadership was financed to travel to Greece as "revolutionary" "journalists" they were financed by Kasama and their writings were published by a Kasama affiliate's website.

PS - So when's the book release party?

Re: New Independent Radical Press in Atlanta


Re: New Independent Radical Press in Atlanta


You know you want to :)

Re: New Independent Radical Press in Atlanta

Sweet! This is really awesome.

You all should come out to An Atlanta Ⓐnarchist Assembly and tell everyone what you all are doing.

I particularly want to The Bolsheviks and Workers Control 1917-1921: The State and Counter-Revolution. 

Seeing that you all printed that maybe you would appreciate this article for what it's worth. Smashing the Orderly Party: an Anarchists Critique of Leninism


The Description says it all:

Maurice Brinton’s "The Bolsheviks and Workers’ Control" presents a concise yet brilliant historical critique of Revolutionary Russia from the year 1917 to 1921, from the Bolshevik’s ascension to state power, up to—and in the aftermath of—Lenin and Trotsky’s brutal suppression of the 1921 Kronstadt Uprising.

This small volume offers a critical understanding of the history of the Russian Revolution that has too often been obscured by romanticized Leninist revision. With devastating documentation and attention to detail, Brinton’s writing exposes the Bolshevik counterrevolution and its hostile resentment toward the self-mobilization of
the Russian working class.

Additionally, Brinton’s work illuminates crucial distinctions between workers’ self-management of industry and “workers’ control” (an alternate idea coined by the Bolshevik dictatorship). In this way, his work asserts and defends the revolutionary idea that the working class itself can govern the affairs of society, outside of the authority of any state power or ruling class—whatever its name or form.