Occupy Atlanta and Peachtree-Pine Taskforce for the Homeless Join Forces

172 Today, October 28th, some occupiers from Atlanta escalated the campaign to saving the Peachtree-Pine Taskforce for the Homeless.

The Taskforce is under pressure from the City of Atlanta, Central Atlanta Progress, Emory University and other corporate structures in the city who are trying to foreclose the shelter which sits in a very expensive area and is, ostensibly, very valuable real estate.

Over the past few weeks, the occupiers marched in solidarity with the residents at the shelter, including a march to the Emory Medical Hospital in Midtown which ended in protesters attempting to force their way into the administrative building and clashing with police.

The shelter nearly had it's water turned off this week because of a looming debt of nearly $200k but was able to hold it off based on a legal turn of fortune.

In continuation with this campaign to save the shelter, which houses nearly 1000 black homeless men every night during the winter, occupiers and other supporters rallied at Troy Davis Park and marched to the shelter at Peachtree-Pine for a rally and speak-out. Upon arrival, several hooded and masked individuals dropped a banner from the top of the building and tossed hundreds of fliers onto the marching crowd.

The flier reads as follows:

Come, friends:


Taking over the park, a gesture of resistance new to us, had unintended consequences: taking over space, and freeing its use, meant taking back our lives and revealing new horizons. We have learned how to share, how to act, how to make decisions -- how to move. We have waltzed our way out of death, and now we have lost our dance floor: The Park.

The question remains: Now that we have learned to live, where will we do it? Who else is out there? What is the limit? What is possible?

The answer is now becoming clearer: if we want to really draw level with life, we must take over everything.

The seizure of this building, by the people, is just the first step in what should be seen as a generalization of struggle. We live in the second-most vacant city in the country, with abandoned buildings on every corner - those buildings wait for us to delight in them! Our schools that bankrupt us, our workplaces that erode us, our houses that are taken from us: take them back! We held a park for two weeks - imagine what we can do in a building with doors and windows that can be barricaded. Imagine what we can do on our own turf with our friends, old and new.

Our lives are the worst jails they have ever built, and now we occupy them too!
All power to the communes!

-some anarchists

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 More of this!

This is fantastic and inspiring in the best sort of way.  It inspires toward action.


Re: Occupy Atlanta and Peachtree-Pine Taskforce for the Homeless Join Forces