Occupy Atlanta Legal Team Press Conference


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The court trials of the Occupy Atlanta members who were arrested in the fall of 2011 began on Monday, December 17th, 2012. For months before the trial, their legal team has asked the city of Atlanta and the Atlanta Police for internal documents they felt could help defend their clients. But both city hall and the APD have said that the documents didn't exist...or there were too many for them to deal with. Then as the trial was beginning to wind down, suddenly the city hands over 800 pages of documents to the defense that the city first said didn't exist. On Friday, December 21st, the legal team, those arrested and their supporters held a press conference on the steps of city hall. How can these people receive due process when the city withholds vital documents, and is Atlanta's Mayor Reed involved in a cover up to hide documents that could help acquit Occupy Atlanta? These are the issues raised in this press conference that lasts 22 minutes. It's pretty windy, so be patient.