Open Fernbank Forest

The community has been kept out of Fernbank Forest for almost 2 years now.

It is time to make our voices heard and have the forest opened to as many people as possible.

Please read the attached online petition, sign and share it with as many people as possible.

Thank you!


Re: Open Fernbank Forest

The Forest should be open to entice more visitors, not locked for people to turn away resigned in losing this ancient treasure.

We need deeper connections with our environment and learn more about our humanity and our place in the world

The Forest might provide a place for self-reflection and deeper understandings.

Leave it open!

Re: Open Fernbank Forest

Check out the prices Fernbank Inc., or Fernbank Museum of Natural History was charging for this event during Atlanta Science Week.

It was $5 for their museum members and $10 for everyone else; very expensive, my family of 4 would have cost way too much.

No thank you, natural history museum, we need to have the Forest more accessible than this.

Re: Open Fernbank Forest

Here is a beautiful article on Fernbank Forest.

It is worth reading.

Re: Open Fernbank Forest

For two years, our children have missed out on so much by not being allowed into the forest.

The forest was to be preserved and to serve as an educational tool for everyone.

Fernbank Inc. is keeping it to itself  which is disgraceful.