Open Town Hall Event on Luke O'Donovan and the Dangers of Homophobia

On New Year's Eve, a queer teen, Luke Patrick O'Donovan, was jumped by a violent mob who called him homophobic slurs and beat him. The teen was stabbed in the back and acted in self-defense to save his life. Five of his attackers were cut and stabbed and Luke narrowly escaped. Later, he was arrested at the hospital and is now being charged with aggravated assault while all of his attackers are walking free. 

Please join us for a discussion of these events and of homophobic violence in the broader context.

The discussion will be held Sunday January 13th at 5:30pm, at:

Little FIve Points Community Center

1083 Austin Ave NE, Atlanta GA

This is an open event, designed to raise awareness about Luke’s situation and to discuss the connection that we all have with the dangers of the homophobia that is so pervasive in modern society. Please attend and spread the word. Your attendance will also help illustrate the broad support that Luke is receiving from the community and may have a direct bearing on his hearing on the 16th and on his case in general.

All (non-homophobic) community members, media, and concerned parties are encouraged to join us!

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