Poster: California Prison Rebels Are On Strike


July 10, 2013

Poster: California Prison Rebels Are On Strike

We have designed a poster for your reading/viewing pleasure. We would like to see these adorn the walls of collective houses, coffee shops, and basically every other surface – especially ones they don’t belong on.

We recommend posting these in areas with high foot traffic on basically any smooth surface. The more the merrier. Remember: propaganda is a way we can interact with places, not just people. Let’s redecorate every empty pole, clean metal box, storefront window and bulletin board.


Here’s the file.

Made for 11×17 paper.

Text from the poster:

On July 8th, 2013, thousands of inmates in Pelican Bay State Prison in California went on hunger and work strike.

Already, prisoners have created a non-aggression treaty across racial lines and gang affiliations. This struggle is a resumption of hostilities between inmates and the California prison system following the historic strike of 2011 in which several thousand prisoners refused food for 40 days. The 2011 strike ended when the prison authorities, as well as the Governor, agreed to meet the demands of the strikers.
Thus far, the State of California has not made good on its promises to the prisoners, whose demands included greater access to educational materials, healthy food, visitation, and an end to the practices of the prisons’ “Secure Housing Unit” (solitary confinment) which holds some inmates for years and even decades at a time.
Youth prisoners at the Green Hill Juvenile Prison in Chehalis, Washington have also decided to strike on July 8th and issued demands of their own. These demands include minimum-wage payment for their labor, the right to organize and speak how they please, access to educational materials and legal representation, as well as longer phone calls to home.
We are inspired by these fighters and seek to amplify their struggle.

We know that while we walk around today, with all of our pretensions of freedom and civility, the apparatuses that hold this society together plunge us closer to a state of complete domestication and enslavement. We must struggle against these conditions as if we were also prisoners in this society.
Was it just this June that the whole world learned what every Black Panther was forced to understand decades ago? That all of the tools for communication afforded to us by Capital – our phones, our computers, our email addresses, and text messages – are  nothing more than surveillance cameras, tracking devices? Does anyone still believe the NSA is performing anything other than permanent, preventative counter-revolution against the populations of the U.S.? In Atlanta, the Capitol police have been given automatic weapons. In New York, the Mayor made no attempts to justify the use of drones in the city. “That’s just the world we live in!”
Thus, our aim is insurrection. Isn’t it already on the tip of everyone’s tongue? Turkey, Brazil, Egypt. The borders that hold us captive must collapse under the weight of our joyous revolt. The prisons must come crumbling down.

“But the totality of prison is not simply a place, it is also a condition the antithesis of which is freedom. By the same token, the absence of freedom is prison, and only when the latter is perceived as one’s own condition does it become possible to enter the destructive dimension….Everything is linked by one guiding thread: the impelling need to destroy all prisons along with the rest of the structures of capital. Nothing less will do.   “
-Jean Weir

Be dangerous,

The Black Door


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These look awesome and are all over little 5 points. It's cool seeing a bunch of anarchist propaganda there. Makes atlanta feel like home