Protect two-by-two riding in Georgia

Protect two-by-two riding in Georgia

Existing Georgia law protects the right to ride two abreast, which adds safety to our riding and enables the social element we hold dear. The right to sit next to your fellow traveler is taken for granted when we're driving -- why shouldn't it be the same on a bike?

Today a bill that would take that ability away was introduced in the Georgia Senate: click here for text of bill

Only three states in the U.S. prohibit riding side-by-side -- let's work to educate our elected officials why it's important that Georgia remain a two abreast state. If you live in one of the following districts, please contact your state senator to let them know you support the right to ride two abreast and ask that they do so as well. 


Senator Butch Miller, Gainesville: (678) 989-5301

Senator William Ligon, Brunswick: (404) 656-0045

Senator Cecil Staton, Macon: (404) 656-5039

Senator Bill Jackson, Appling: (404) 651-7738

Senator Ross Tolleson, Perry: (404) 656-0081

Resources to use when talking to your electeds: Bob Mionske on "Two by two" and White paper from Georgia Bikes!