Re-Open Fernbank Forest

Fernbank Forest has been closed for almost 2 years after having been open for at least 48 years to the whole community for free.

Help us get it re-opened-sign the petition and share it with many others.

Thank you.


Re: Re-Open Fernbank Forest

Ms. DuPre,

The meeting that was held with Susan Neugent, on April 17th with an ecologist on hand as a fervent supporter of the Forest's re-opening should put your ideas of the Forest opening soon at rest.

Ms. Neugent specifically said that she does not see those gates at the Fernbank Science Center ever being re-opened.

She told us that Fernbank Science Center competes too much with her institution.

We are doing something; we are trying to inform the public of the selfish demeanor that Fernbank Inc. has taken.

Read ,"History and Development of Fernbank Science Center" available at the Decatur main library in the reference floor so you can get informed and see what the plan was for the Forest, and it did not include locking it up and keeping people at bay.

The last chapter in the book is called "Fernbank Unlimited" because the past Fernbank, Inc.  and several other groups had high aspirations, good for our earth, about the learnig possiblities involving the Forest.

Now the present Fernbank Inc. is very limited and not living up to this beautiful dream.


Noemi Vega

PS If you really want to continue discussions visit our website:

Re: Re-Open Fernbank Forest

My backyard backs up to the Forrest. Fernbank Forrest is undergoing restoration. Unfortunately it was not managed for invasive plant species. The invasives have taken over the forrest and are shading out native plants and changing native bird habititat. It is under nonprofit management to restore this very rare virgin hardwood forrest to the native woodland that it is. Get informed and get involved. This is a very good thing. I miss being the forrest, but if you work with the restoration you CAN get in and the forrest gates WILL reopen sooner than later. Negative and uninformed energy only hurts the earth. Virginia DuPre

Susan Neugent's partial response to the petition

"Your petition states that the community has been kept out of the forest, which surely you must know is not the case. In fact, on April 27, our scientists will lead guided tours and we welcome you to join us. More information is available on our website ("

So she states, see people can enter.

Sure, if you meet these guidelines: are 12 years of age or older,

reserve your spot in advance, pay for the whole museum free in order to enter the Forest, ensure you reserve your spot before 20 other people do since 20 people is the max.

Re: Re-Open Fernbank Forest

Fernbank Inc. was formed in 1939 to preserve Fernbank Forest for educational purposes(1).  The Fernbank Inc. of many years ago, worked in conjuction with many groups to see the dream of the "living laboratory"(1), or the forest to be used by students and many others. The current Fernbank Inc. is locking the gates to the "living laboratory(1), and only allowing people in who paid fees to see their whole museum and not just the forest. There could be a separate fee, away from the whole museum fee, to enter the forest.

What Fernbank Inc. is doing goes against the foundation of Fernbank Inc.

I invite you  to read,"History and Development of Fernbank Science Center" found at the Decatur main library so you can get a sense of what the original intention was for the forest use after its preservation.

(1) History and Development of Fernbank Science Center.Dekalb Historical Society.1947

Re: Re-Open Fernbank Forest

Right now, only people who paid to get into the Fernbank Museum of Natural History can go into a guided tour of the forest  on a few scheduled days.

What about the people who might not afford the museum fees?

I have seen people standing at the locked gates leading into the forest. This is definitely wrong.