Report-back: End of the World Noise Demo

On December 21st, in celebration of the end of the world, we held a noise demonstration outside of the DeKalb County Jail. The demo was in solidarity with a locked up anarchist comrade and as one moment of the permanent conflict with prisons and the relations that make them possible.

Virtually all of the small demonstration was masked and/or hooded. This excited passersby and motorists. The drums and spotlight encouraged the inmates to pound loudly on their windows and wave enthusiastically down to us. During the demo, participants chanted anti-state slogans. A street sign was uprooted and tossed to the sound of cheers and the night ended with no arrests after just under one hour.

It's been said that some comrades did not attend because of police presence and threats at previous demos. We understand these concerns intimately. We hope to remind ourselves and others, through active struggle, that it is still easy to act. We know others are acting now to get organized. We also seek to create the conditions under which an insurrection may actually take place. On that note, let's not let our street game atrophy. It is as necessary as any other tool.

For the subversion of isolation and misery.

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Re: Report-back: End of the World Noise Demo


Re: Report-back: End of the World Noise Demo

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