Sherrye Calhoun Offers Deal to Stay in her Home

Sherrye Calhoun was evicted on the morning Friday, August 3. By that evening, she had already moved back in. Now she faces arrest for defying the law, which, she says, “is not on the side of the little person.” During a recent cookout at her home where supporters converged to discuss plans and sign up for a new eviction defense network, Sherrye had this to say: “JP Morgan Chase thinks they own this home. But I have lived here for 30 years, and before that my father lived here. This is my home; I just want to live here for the rest of my days.”

Eric Bender and JP Morgan Chase have refused to meet or negotiate with Sherrye. Bender has in fact told her supporters, who have been carrying out a week-long phone blast ahead of her court date on Friday, that she wants to stay in the home for free. She would like to do that, but after years of battling greedy parasites in court, she knows all too well the cost of living in her own home.

Despite paying far more than the $33,000 that she and her brother originally bought the home for in 1982, Sherrye is willing to pay rent just to stay in her own home. In fact this is what she was trying to negotiate with Bender when he began the eviction process earlier this year.

Eric Bender pretends to work with Sherrye but subverts their negotiations, which it turns out have always been a sham devised for long-term harassment. This makes him a hypocrite on top of being a morally bankrupt scoundrel who profits from the gross violence of eviction. And yet, Sherrye is willing to pay if it means that she can be left in peace to enjoy her twilight years in her family’s home.

How much is she willing to pay? All that she can--$500 a month. For a property that is currently assessed at $75,800, this is not a bad deal. It's not the $250,000 that the bank stands to make by renovating and re-selling the home, but it's a realistic compromise.

We are delivering a letter to Eric Bender today to let him know ahead of Friday’s court hearing that Sherrye is still willing to work with him and the bank. You can help. Visit our calendar to see what we have planned in the fight for Sherrye’s home. Call Bender. Fax him. Come to court with us.

You can even sign up for the eviction defense network that is still in its beginning stages. Feel free to drop us a line at

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