A slap in the face

David Roberts was one of the first 10 original members of the Georgia prison hunger strikes.

"I would love to hear from you!  I'm in prison, but you can write me at:
David E. Roberts #396873
GDCP/SMU P.O. Box 3877
Jackson, GA 30233
Or, you can email davidroberts@riseup.net and the message will be relayed to me. I can write you back the same way!  Or on Facebook "


David Roberts, Dec 22 2012

If I were to publish a piece on the way that the establishment is conducting business...I would get arrested.  Since I am already in prison, I'm going to publish it anyway.

What do you say about how the two parties can't get it together enough so that they are going to let us go over that "fiscal cliff"?  This will RUIN a lot of small businesses and could cause a riotous reaction from a mass majority of the citizens.

At the same time - the president takes his family to Hawaii for a holiday vacation...at the taxpayers' expense!?!  "Way to go" Mr. President, we appreciate your concern for the country.  This is a reflection on your inability to bring the "FC" problem to a diplomatic conclusion.

I don't know how the numbers came up for you to actually get elected for another term.  Your first 4 years showed me that you're not qualified for your position.  This "slap in the face" only emphasizes my opinion.  You believe that since you got re-elected, that you can act without impunity.

I have a question for you Mr. President.  Haven't you heard of the word impeachment?


Janis Joplin said it best, "Freedom is just another word." That is always going to stay the same as long as the people do not fight for their rights.

I am not saying that you should do something to be put in prison. But there are ways to stand up against the governments oppression and to gain back your rights!

One person by his or herself isn't going to get the job done. _Solidarity_ is the way! Seek out your brothers and sisters who are also fed up with the way that the government keeps raising taxes, taking jobs, and taking the peoples houses! If the government keeps on the way that they do things, _pretty soon_ there won't be anything left for them to take...or as Janis said "We won't have nothin' left to lose".

David E Roberts