Tires slashed on Dekalb police cruisers

Earlier this week we slashed the tires out of a Dekalb county police vehicle. The vehicle was parked near the East Lake MARTA station on a residential street with no officer inside.

This small action was taken in solidarity with the friends and family of Jesus "Chuy" Huerta, killed in a Durham police cruiser in North Carolina. We are inspired by the brave actions taken against the police in his memory and hope to see it spread.

Keep fighting and make them pay.

R.I.P Chuy


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Hell yeah.  This is awesome.  Let the haters cry about it.  Fuck the police!

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The commenter at 7:07p is lying, no censorship has happened on this article or comments.  Any censored posts would be visible here:

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my comment was removed because the admins of this forum are only one sided and terriffied of a real conversation. people who did this are scum

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Hopefully the women getting beat in the domestic dispute down the street can hold on for a few more minutes while a tow truck comes and changes the tires, hopefully her boozed up boyfriend dosn't cave her skull in cause you little basdards were in "solidarity". People like this give everyone in this community a very bad name.

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Curious to see this type of activity is curious because there really is no reason for vandalism like this other than it being a sort of extreme sport for persons with particular qualities. It is supposed to be joyful or something.

It is exactly bungy jumping except 1.) Vandalism fits the actors aesthetically and 2.) They get to communicate it to all the eager spectators and the handful of other extreme athletes.

RE: 8:54

1) The "public dime" is not really public. Regardless of how much money the state has, do you really think whatever there is is gonna go to you? The amount of money they have does not directly correlate to our standard of living because the ratio is all fucked up. They will always give us way less money than they give corporations, politicians, private security, surveillance companies, the military etc. etc. etc.etc

2) Attacks or politicized vandalism etc is not exactly supposed to communicate anything to the state. At least, it usually isn't. The point is to self-amplify the struggles among the people who are fighting against control. For instance, this action seems to have been an attempt to circulate and amplify the struggle taking place in Durham, North Carolina against the police department there.

From one of the links posted below, I have learned that a 17 year-old boy died of a gunshot wound to the head while he was handcuffed in the back of the squad car. The cops aren't saying shit and 200-300 people marched a week or so ago to the police station in anger. They smashed windows out of the station, threw firecrackers, road flares, and smoke bombs at cops and smashed a window out of a cop car. This attack here (the slashed tires) is attempting to articulate something to those brave youth, not to the police.


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new treads on the public really showed them!

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Woa! This is really awesome. Cops are organized nationally, its high time people's responses to their brutality reflected that. Total solidarity against state terror.

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Nice job y'all. Stirring fire in my heart. <3

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Way to go! That'll teach em! I bet they won't do THAT again!