Update on Chris French 11.25.2012

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Update: 11.25.2012

It’s been a long time since we’ve updated folks about the situation surrounding Chris. Unfortunately, things have taken a turn for the worse.

Chris is not facing four months in boot camp if they were to take a guilty plea to four counts of felony aggravated battery, and one count of felony resisting arrest, as the lawyers first told us. Chris is facing two years in prison – with a recommendation for four months in boot camp, then an additional two years of probation. There is no guarantee they would get the recommendation. There is a 402 conference on November 28th where the judge may make another offer.

The situation has only become more and more precarious and it is becoming absolutely necessary to engage in a strategic engagement with this repression. Please keep your ears to the ground for updates on public meetings and further updates.


"Solidarity lies in action. Action that sinks its roots in one's own project that is carried on coherently and proudly too, especially in times when it might be dangerous even to express one's ideas publicly. A project that expresses solidarity with joy in the game of life, that above all makes us free ourselves, destroys alienation, exploitation, mental poverty, opening up infinite spaces devoted to experimentation and the continual activity of one's mind in a project aimed at realising itself in insurrection..."


Re: Update on Chris French 11.25.2012

We are having a letter writing/ fundraiser to help Chris get funds for legal expenses.


Location: email atlantablackcross@gmail.co

With repression on the rise in the United States especially in areas like the Pacific Northwest, we are realizing every day that we have to prepare ourselves and those around us to resist political repression.

One small thing we can do is to write letters to comrades that are currently behind bars to offer support to them. 

On Thursday, December 6th, at 7pm we will have a letter writing and potluck.

We have some books on Government Repression and Grand Juries written by some people in Sacramento. All proceeds will go towards helping out Chris French. We are asking $8-15. We will also be taking donations if you don't want the book.

More information can be found on http://freedomforchris.wordpress.com/