Update on Hunger Strike/Report-Back from Solidarity Action

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UPDATE: 07.09.12

Today, roughly 40 people rallied at the Georgia State Capitol in solidarity with the hunger strikers, who approach one month without food. Brandishing a large banner proclaiming support and home-made signs, the group staged on the plaza in front of the Capitol building and listened to Delma Jackson, wife of striker Miguel Jackson, give background and updates to the present situation.

According to Mrs. Jackson, one of the protestors has been in solitary confinement for 10 years, and another for 5 years. Her husband, Miguel, was beaten by guards with hammers 18 months ago, and was subsequently thrown into solitary. He has still not received medical attention for this. Mrs. Jackson also spoke about the solidarity hunger strikes that have broken out in prisons in Macon and Augusta. The prison officials refuse to release information about how many are striking or what their names are. If you have any information, please contact us at georgiahungerstrike@yahoo.com.

Following the speech, the majority of the rally marched into the Capitol to deliver a letter to Gov. Nathan Deal’s office demanding that he respond to this hunger strike favorably. On the way out, demonstrators chanted “Our Passion for Freedom is Stronger Than Their Prisons”, before dispersing with no arrests.

Separately, graffiti has appeared in Decatur in solidarity with the hunger striking prisoners, according to an article on Atlanta Indymedia.



























The next demonstration will be on Monday the 16th at the Department of Corrections.

Please take initiative to coordinate solidarity demonstrations, actions, or letters with the hunger striking prisoners.


Re: Update on Hunger Strike/Report-Back from Solidarity Action

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Re: Update on Hunger Strike/Report-Back from Solidarity Action

Video from rally/letter delivery Monday, July 9th, 2012.