Women's Health Care In Georgia, Part 3


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Many women around the country can take their health care for granted. If you discover a medical problem, make a call, see your doctor and get things fixed, problem solved. But it's not so easy in Georgia, especially when it comes to reproductive health care. In the third and final episode of our report on women's health care, you'll meet someone who is trying to ensure women have access to comprehensive, quality reproductive health care. Janelle Yamarick of Feminist Women's Health Center has been fighting on the front lines of abortion rights in Georgia since 1977. But it isn't just about abortion. Janelle's work extends to women from cultures who traditionally shy away from sex education and sexual health, as well as people from the gay and trans community who have trouble finding health care services. Tune in to learn about the outstanding work Feminist Women's Health Center is doing in Atlanta, quietly, under the radar, with great success. This film runs 36 minutes.