Housing Justice for Jaye! "Community Power" March

Fri, 07/05/2013 - 4:30pm - 7:30pm
Candler Park Market Retail District to Warehouse Lofts Complex (Jaye's Home)
Meet Corner of Clifton and McLendon, March 1 Mile to 206 Rogers St. NE, Studio 203 "Community Power! A Community Discussion" will take place after the march at Jaye's home.
Atlanta, GA
United States

It's Time for "Community Power!" 

When: Friday, July 5th

What: Rally for Jaye and Renter's Rights!
Jaye Crawford has been a visible, vibrant and active member of the Candler Park, Lake Claire, and Kirkwood communities for more than 20 years. As a small business owner, Personal Fitness Professional, and Candler Park Boot Camp instructor, Jaye has touched the lives of many.
She is loved in the community for her wide-range of volunteer service and contributions. Jaye is a dedicated mother, and a veteran of the United States Army Reserve.

Why: Jaye has been a loyal tenant at the Warehouse Lofts for 14 years.  She and her 8 year old daughter have a loving home with their three cats.  After months of difficulty with a neighbor over incessant noise violations, Jaye took her neighbor to court, and WON.  Shortly after that, on March 30, 2013, Jaye received a letter on her door that her lease, ending June 30, would not be renewed. "No one reason in particular" was the reason given by property manager Hugh trotti.  Jaye reached out to Occupy Our homes Atlanta for help. OOHA launched Jaye's campaign in April and it continues today.  Warehouse Lofts owner and manager have refused numerous attempts by OOHA and Rainbow PUSH to schedule a meeting and come to a resolution with Jaye.

It's time we check abusive landlords and property owners like Hugh Trotti and Henry Finkbeiner.  Our community will not sit back while they intimidate and evect renters, in this case a mother and an 8 year old child,  like they're trash.


4:30 pm: "Community Power! Renew Jaye's Lease Rally!" at the Candler Park Retail District.

Let's rally for Jaye while increasing awareness about her current Housing Justice campaign.   Meet at Candler Park Market.  Corner of McLendon Ave. and Clifton Rd.  We'll have signs.

5:45 pm: March to Warehouse Lofts
We'll march to the Warehouse Lofts for a continued Rogers Street protest.
(1 mile march - approximately 10 minutes.)

6:30 - 7:30 pm: "Community Power! A Community Discussion"

After the march, join us
for a community discussion at Jaye's Warehouse Lofts home. We'll explore tenant / landlord issues, learn how evictions hurt our communities, and discuss how to effectively organize for change. 206 Rogers Street, NE. Studio 203. Atlanta, GA 30317

Sign Jaye's Petition for Housing Justice:


Thank you!



Re: Housing Justice for Jaye! "Community Power" March

Hello all,

This is Jaye.  I hope you can make it out to the events on Friday.  I would really appreciate your support with shining a spot light on the abusive tactics of the two men who run the Warhouse Lofts in Kirkwood, Henry Finkbeiner and Hugh Trotti.  I'm finding the courage speak up and RISE up so they will change their ways!  We can't tolerate this kind of abuse in our communities.  In sharing my story, many other current and former WHL tenants have shared the same kind of horror stories. This has to stop.  Before anyone would feel compelled to hold it against me that I am a former Army Reservist, just to know, I was recruited out of high school with my cousin.  We were both very naive.  I don't believe in military war, and I have never killed anyone (just for the record, thank you).  I have an 8 year old child.  Many of you have seen us at other Housing Justice events.  We marched with the Pittman's to Chase Bank back in the day - both me an my daughter.  If you care about Housing Justice, bully landlords, fighting false power systems, and children, I hope you'll make it out.  Thank you!!