Stand With Public Education!

Sat, 09/29/2012 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Georgia State Capitol
206 Washington Street Southwest
Atlanta, GA
United States
People all over Georgia are gathering to celebrate the victories of the Chicago Teacher's strike and apply the lessons learned to our own struggles for public education for all here in our state. Through Race to the Top, our K-12 teachers are no longer educators, they are average test scores, micromanaged to ensure to actual learning occurs in the classroom. Charters are privatizing public education and ensuring a two-tier system for our children, one with resources, the other with privation. The massive in
crease in student fees, teacher speed-ups and layoff at the university level only spread this agenda beyond K-12. And the ban on undocumented students in Georgia's top schools ensures the re-segregation of our schools.
Will we stand for it? NO!
What do we do? Follow the lead of the Chicago teachers who fought for their communities, their neighborhood schools, and won.
March, rally, and press conference.


Re: Stand With Public Education!

Im sorry what dialect am I supposed to learn to understand this?


Re: Stand With Public Education!

1:14pm wrote:  "Now I don't know if its just me but those things seem to contradict eachother."

It's called dialectics. It's SCIENCE. Best learn this shit if you want to objectively approach reality.

Re: Stand With Public Education!

I have a concern about this event information.

The event is clearly named Stand with Public Education but in the description when asked if "we would stand for it" you answere "NO!"

Now I don't know if its just me but those things seem to contradict eachother.