A30 MayDay Action

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Students for Revolutionary Action, a loose knit group of anarchists and agitators, has called for actions against the banking system for Friday, April 30th 2010. This action will be used to build momentum as we prepare to celebrate May Day.
The action calls for individuals and groups to withdraw their support from the banking system by closing their accounts. Other autonomous actions can and should be planned by individuals and groups accordingly to augment the withdrawal of support. The purpose of this action is to drain local branches of hard currency and expose the banking system to the public for the fraud it is, as well as send a clear message to banks that we will no longer support the takeover of our communities by profiteers.


In Solidarity,


Interview with Police Insider on Department Corruption

James Griffin was deputized to work for the Sumter County police department in Georgia. He gives Copwatch a report on corruption and misconduct within his department. He also offers insight into police policies and culture which contribute to corruption in the APD and other departments.













for information please e-mail to:

STUDENT STRIKE / Ferhat Ataman




National March on Washington -- All Out for March 20th, 2010!

People from all over the country are organizing to converge on Washington, D.C., to demand the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of all U.S. and NATO forces from Afghanistan and Iraq.

On Saturday, March 20, 2010, there will be a massive National March & Rally in D.C. A day of action and outreach in Washington, D.C., will take place on Friday, March 19, preceding the Saturday march.

There will be coinciding mass marches on March 20 in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

The national actions are initiated by a large number of organizations and prominent individuals.

We will march together to say “No Colonial-type Wars and Occupations in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Haiti!" We will march together to say "No War Against Iran!” We will march together to say “No War for Empire Anywhere!”

Instead of war, we will demand funds so that every person can have a job, free and universal health care, decent schools, and affordable housing.

March 20 is the seventh anniversary of the criminal war of aggression launched by Bush and Cheney against Iraq. One million or more Iraqis have died. Tens of thousands of U.S. troops have lost their lives or been maimed, and continue to suffer a whole host of enduring problems from this terrible war.

This is the time for united action. The slogans on banners may differ, but all those who carry them should be marching shoulder to shoulder.


Soft on Terror - Soft on Facts

In the days following the Christmas bomber's failure at the hands of one heroic citizen we have learned a lot about the national security apparatus set up by the Bush administration following 9/11. A Republican Party confident about their position leading into next November's elections did something odd. They began attacking President Obama about lax security regarding terrorism. In a time of threat to our nation they chose not to rally behind the flag.

Leading the cheer was former Vice President Dick Cheney. In an interview with he went on a tirade attacking the president in the aftermath of an attempted attack on another US airplane. ( This was strange for a number of reasons. Not the least of which is that after the 9/11 attacks and shoe bomber attacks, to name two, he enjoyed and demanded support for the president. He said this was being patriotic in a time of crisis. Was it not then unpatriotic of him, or are there special exceptions for this president? If so it would be interesting to hear him articulate what those are.

This was essentially the same new national security apparatus set up to combat terrorism in the wake of 9/11. This was the same system set up by himself and the former President Bush. Upon leaving office the last vestige of faith the nation placed in the administration when polled was on national security (when the decision to go into Iraq was taken out of the equation). This system he said was the best system possible.



In Summerville, Georgia, this dog is about to die unless someone finds it in their heart to save him.

Bandy was caught in a trap, and then picked up by the dog catchers. He was taken to the Chattooga County animal control shelter. Animals in this shelter are subject to euthanasia after a 5 day holding period. Bandy has been there longer than any other dog. Because the shelter was not full, he was allowed to stay there for months while people walked right past his cage and ignored him. But the shelter is full now, and they are ready to start euthanizing. He MUST be saved by someone with a good heart or they will put him down. He is scared, and needs someone to love him.

Bandy was a stray, and like so many dogs, a victim of people who don't think there is anything wrong with letting their dogs have puppies. Too many people think it's all right to BUY a dog at a pet store, while dogs like this die in shelters. And too many people think it's all right to BREED dogs for profit, even though this is the fallout.

This dog deserves to live. So many people walk right past the cages of the black dogs, not even seeming to see them at all. "Just another black dog," they imagine. But Bandy is a heroic little dog who really wants to live. Please be the one to save him.

Here is his petfinders link:

(This site is invaluable for people who care about animals, because they do not sell animals. They simply let you search shelters for any animal you would like to adopt.)

If you can save Bandy, PLEASE call the Chattooga County Animal Shelter IMMEDIATELY. Their number is 706.857.0679. Tell them you want to save this life.


United Nations Asked for Help in Federal Prosecution of Chattanooga Police Officers

United Nations Asked For Help
In Federal Prosecution
Of Chattanooga Police Officers

(Nashville, Tenn.) – A complaint sent Nov. 5 to the U.N. Human Rights Council accuses the U.S. Department of Justice of failing to protect the civil rights of African Americans in Chattanooga and Hamilton County by refusing to prosecute law enforcement officers who have used deadly force to kill 61 people, most of whom were black, since 1983.

The over five dozen murders of citizens by Chattanooga area police are examples of a long history of “racialized policing” in the United States that will not end without the “external prodding” of the U.S. judicial system from international bodies like the UNHRC, according to the 14-page complaint. It asks the human rights council to urge the DOJ to sue the city of Chattanooga for engaging “in a pattern and practice of police misconduct” against black people, and asks for the long-sought criminal prosecution of two ex-jailers.

Chattanooga ranks No. 1 in the United States in incidents of police brutality in cities of less than 200,000 people and No. 7 for fatal encounters with police, according to DOJ and FBI reports.

The complaint was filed by Power to the People, a Nashville-based non-profit, human rights organization, and Maxine Cousin, co-founder of Concerned Citizens for Justice, a Chattanooga civil rights group. The legal redress chairman of Power to the People, Lorenzo Ervin, is a former president of Concerned Citizens for Justice and was an activist against racism and police brutality in his hometown of Chattanooga for 18 years.

Cousin’s father, Wadie Suttles, a 66-year-old black man, was beaten to death while a prisoner at the Chattanooga City Jail in December, 1983.


Federal Courts Dismiss Workers' Case

by Paul Wolf, World War 4 Report

On August 11, 2009, the Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit in Atlanta affirmed the dismissal of a case against the Coca-Cola Company and its Colombian subsidiaries, brought by a Colombian labor union and several of the union's leaders. The plaintiffs alleged that Coca Cola and its local bottlers collaborated with the Autodefensas Unidas de Colombia (AUC), a right-wing terror organization, to torture and murder the unionists, in violation of international law. The lawsuit was brought suit under the Alien Tort Claims (ATS) and Torture Victim Protection (TVPA) Acts.

The case is noteworthy, not only because Coke has been the target of boycotts and protests in relation to its labor practices, but also because the decision itself helps clarify a particularly muddy and controversial area of law. In recent years, liberal activists have sought to hold US corporations liable in US courts for their actions overseas, which either constitute war crimes, or some other conduct universally prohibited under international law.

While the outcome may be disappointing, once the details are understood, it is hardly surprising, and should not be seen as a setback for advocates of corporate responsibility. The Coke case was really a stretch. The plaintiffs did not allege that Coca-Cola USA was directly responsible for any of the murders. Instead, liability was premised on a complex chain of relationships. In the words of the Court:

Plaintiffs attempt to connect the Coca-Cola Defendants to the local facilities’ management through a series of agency and alter ego relationships. For example, in the [Isidro Segundo] Gil case, the plaintiffs' layered theory of agency and alter ego liability is as follows: the bottling facility, Bebidas [y Alimentos, in Carepa, Antioquia], is responsible for the acts of its employees, including conspiring with local paramilitaries to rid the facility of unions.

Choices and Options

Few Americans dispute the fact we live in a country which savors freedoms and liberties. Often taken for granted, we have so many choices. We can conversate with who we choose and when. We communicate online with whomever we wish barring few exceptions. We can send mail to almost anyone. We can hear from any and all political parties during presidential elections - given they're Democrat or Republican.

If they're not the chances of us hearing from them are well... unlikely. What could any party not Democrat or Republican have to offer or say anyway? Democrats and Republicans must cover the gamut of what Americans hope to hear or surely there would be alternate voices. Two parties would never be the beginning and end to American political opinion if they did not represent a desire on the part of the American public to be boxed and limited.

Surely there must be some wise omnipotent body of scholars who understand this, and, though we think of ourselves as more of a melting pot, have decided two was enough - no more, no less, no way. Kind of like when the big three decided they knew what was best for us. That worked well.

And after all who are we to question it? It's only our hard earned dollars which fund all military, infrastructure and any other publicly funded endeavors our governments at all levels seek to undertake including public campaign financing. All on our behalf of course.

But maybe not. When we were getting the strange feeling we'd been duped by the G.W. Bush administration with regards to the case for invading Iraq perhaps another voice would have helped. After the economy had come unglued over the past few years perhaps the input of another view or maybe two to help us balance our decisions could have helped to bring clarity to the debate. Perhaps a voice other than Republican or Democrat does not have to be radical, out there or necessarily nutty.


Sen. Fort: 1,000 Oct. foreclosures stopped, but still no loan mod plan

201 Paul D. Coverdell Legislative Office Building, 18 Capitol Square,
Atlanta, Georgia 30334
404.656.0028 or outside the Atlanta area 800.282.5803

Senate Press Office
For Immediate Release: For Information Contact:
October 5, 2009 Katie Wright, Communications Associate

Sen. Fort and the Atlanta Fighting Foreclosure Coalition get Confession from Wells Fargo/Wachovia on Stopping Foreclosures

ATLANTA (Oct. 5, 2009) ­ State Sen. Vincent Fort (D-Atlanta) and members of the Fighting Foreclosure Coalition got a confession from Wells Fargo/Wachovia regarding foreclosures. As a result, there will be 1,000 Metro Atlanta homes taken off the list of foreclosures.

"After a long struggle, the Atlanta Fighting Foreclosure Coalition is
gratified that Wells Fargo/Wachovia is taking 1,000 homes off of the
foreclosure list," said Sen. Fort. "This is only the beginning however. Wells Fargo/Wachovia must craft a Loan Modification Plan with the Atlanta Fighting Coalition to ensure that families can retain the homes that they have worked so hard to maintain."

Wachovia is currently owned by Wells Fargo and the corporation has received over $25 billion in taxpayer bail out money. The bank is also being sued by the city of Cleveland, OH, San Diego, Calif. and by the NAACP for racial discrimination used in lending practices. The Atlanta Fighting Foreclosures Coalition came together shortly after convening a forum on foreclosures and a call to action at the First Iconium Baptist Church this past April. The Coalition consists of 40 community organizations -- labor unions; civil rights, human rights and civil liberties groups; homeless shelters and
faith-based organizations. The AFFC¹s program is facilitated by a committee of eight co-chairs of which Sen. Fort is one.

# # # #
Sen. Vincent Fort represents the 39th Senate District which includes a portion of Fulton County.

World boycott campaign to Chiquita for its support of the Coup d’ Etat in Honduras

In response to the call made by the National Front against the Coup d’ Etat in Honduras (, we ask for your help in the establishment of a PERMANENT WORLD BOYCOTT of the CHIQUITA Company that, behind the scenes, is supporting those responsible for the coup.

For further information, we recommend Nicolas Kozloff's article:

In Spanish:
In English:


John Perkins’ article: (English)

How to participate:

1) Don't buy Chiquita bananas;
2) Pass along information about the boycott to your friends, relatives and acquaintances;
3) Print the boycott logo on stickers, T-shirts, posters, flyers;
4) Publish this information on web sites;

5) Visit the web page of Chiquita's Headquarter in Cincinnati, OH (USA)

and send them the following message:

If you want versions of the logo in other languages, you will find them at:


On June 28, 2009, military commandos involved in the coup d’etat arrested the legitimate president of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya. They attacked his residence with machineguns, kidnapped him and took him to the US military base at Palmerola. The plane carrying the “president-prisoner” flew to Costa Rica, where he was abandoned in pajamas on one of the runways. It is a military-business coup d'etat, planned by the United States IV Fleet, which buries Honduras once again in its dark past of military dictatorships.

All of the international organizations of the American continent, the United Nations, the European Union, etc.


Mujeres de la Tierra

Mujeres: La Historia SILENCIADA

Ciclo de conferencias dictadas por Fatima Enciso Caballero y Marcia Mendieta Mendieta en Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia los días 25 y 31 de agosto y 2 de septiembre de 2009 invitadas por la Fundación Mujeres del Sol y la Universida Popular Igualitaria Andrés Ibánez.

Mountain Justice Georgia To Rally Against Mountaintop Removal

Mountain Justice Georgia rally FRIDAY, Sept. 25th in front of the southeastern EPA office @ 11:00 am!!!!!!!!!

Mountain Justice Georgia [MJG] (the newest branch of Mountain Justice is a group committed to the elimination of mountain top removal (MTR) coal use and GA is the #1 user of this coal!)

MJG is holding a rally to educate the public about MTR mining and deliver the message to the EPA that deciding to deny the 79 permits for MTR coal is the CORRECT decision.

Tomorrow Friday, September 27, 2009 beginning @ 11:00 AM running all work day!

@ 61 Trinity St., Atlanta, GA 30303 (close to the 5 Points Marta Station)

This action is the chance for Atlanta and all of Georgia to say NO to MTR Coal! Georgia is the # 1 user of mountain top removal coal and we as Georgians have the chance to say NO MORE MTR Coal! The southeastern Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is reviewing the permits HERE in Atlanta, so the voice of Georgians must be heard.

The Atlanta Sedition Orchestra will be accompanying us during the rally portion of this action (from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm aprox.)! This is Atlanta's own radical marching band here to amplify our voice and increase the party that will be happening tomorrow @ 61 Trinity St! After 1:00 pm food from Atlanta Food Not Bombs will provide food! The remaining time will be spent getting signature on public comment cards expressing our dissent with MTR mining practices addressed to the EPA directly! Education is the key to changing Georgians minds and making them aware of the destruction of MTR mining.

Bring your signs saying: NO MORE MTR COAL! and SAVE OUR MOUNTAINS! or MTR is BAD for COMMUNITIES, Bad for the ENVIRONMENT and Georgia Says No!

Irland: Three-week Coca Cola dispute goes to Labour Court

MARTIN WALL Industry Correspondent

BOTH SIDES in the dispute at Coca-Cola HBC Ireland, where workers have been on strike for three weeks, are to go to the Labour Court today.

The court’s ruling will be binding on the union Siptu, which is bringing the case under Section 20 of the Industrial Relations Act 1969. A spokesman for the company said it would be attending the Labour Court today.

About 130 workers have been on strike over plans to outsource jobs in its warehousing and distribution centres. Yesterday, about 50 strikers staged a protest at the headquarters of Coca-Cola Ireland in Dublin.

Chinese students go undercover to investigate Coca Cola

China Labor News Translations
Sep 16, 01:39

Student beaten by manager when he asked for his wages

CLNT Editorial: 16 September 2009

In this issue of CLNT, instead of providing a translated article as usual, we bring you the latest news from an unusual and groundbreaking campaign by mainland Chinese student activists, in support of workers at Coca Cola bottling plants. In August 2008, students from several mainland Chinese universities established a Student Coca-Cola Campaign Team (blog in Chinese: Their purpose was to contribute to improving the working conditions of dispatch workers at Coca Cola bottling plants in China. Their method was to take jobs as ordinary workers, and to collect data based on their direct experience, with the goal of publicizing any labor abuses they encountered. In mid-2009, the student campaign team followed up with a second round of undercover factory investigations. Unfortunately, a student was beaten up by two managers of the labor dispatch company that hired him, when he resigned his job and asked for payment of outstanding wages for himself and two fellow workers. Now Hong Kong-based NGO Students and Scholars Against Misbehavior (SACOM) has launched an international campaign in support of the students, demanding that Coca Cola improve working conditions for dispatch workers in its bottling plants, and pay the medical expenses incurred by the injured student.

The students did not choose to focus on Coca-Cola because it was a “foreign company” or because it was the worst exploiter of dispatched labor. However, like students who have campaigned against corporate abuses in other countries, they knew that the unique Coke brand gave Coca-Cola visibility and made it potentially vulnerable to public pressure.

Organize Against Mountain Top Removal

I am putting out a call to all environmentalist!

Right now in Atlanta the EPA is addressing 86 permits to allow MOUNTAIN TOP REMOVAL!


This is basically when the top of a mountain is blown off and strip mined. The process is extremely harmful to rivers, as top soil and harmful chemicals are deposited into them. Communities living in the shadow of the mountains, not only loose their beautiful scenery, but then experience water source problems, risk of flood and erosion.

Mountain Top Removal (MTR) is happenning a lot in Apalachia! Georgia is one of the number one consumers of MTR coal. We need to stand up for our neighbor, Apalachia, for the historic Apalacian mountains and for the southeast, which has been traditionally opressed in many ways!

This issue has been a very important one for me and now we in Atlanta have a chance to express our dissent because the permits are being addressed HERE!!

We are meeting to have a planning session to brainstorm actions and test the waters to see who will participate. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT and we need you!

On FRIDAY, SEPT. 11th let's meet at Park Grounds Coffeeshop in Reynoldstown, Atlanta @ 142 Flat Shoals Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30316 at 1:30 pm. If you cannot make this meeting send me an email and you will be fully updated about all discussions and potential plans.

This is our chance to really come together as an environmental movement here in Atlanta!

Let's do it!!


On October 5, the National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance (NCNR), along with other national peace groups, will carry out direct action at the White House to end the war in Afghanistan and demand reparations for the people of Afghanistan.

Eight years ago on October 7, 2001, the U.S. and Britain invaded Afghanistan--and the war on Afghanistan continues today, with President Obama, the “anti-war candidate,” increasing the number of troops. On Monday, October 5, 2009, the National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance (NCNR), working with Witness Against Torture, Peace Action, The War Resisters League, World Can't Wait, Atlantic Life Community, Voices for Creative Nonviolence, and Veterans for Peace, will mark the anniversary and speak out against the war with direct action risking arrest at the White House. We will gather at 10 AM at McPherson Square for a permitted rally and to hear lifelong war resister and widow of Phil Berrigan, Liz McAlister. From McPherson Square, we will march to Pennsylvania Avenue. We will visit the White House in an act of civil resistance, calling for a withdrawal of all U.S. troops from Afghanistan and demand an ending of the illegal bombing in Pakistan with US drones and other forms of violence, the closing of the Bagram prison, and an ending to indefinite detention and torture. We are calling for an end to these wars and occupations, including that of Iraq, so that our resources can be used for life-sustaining actions including the funding and the rebuilding of Afghanistan’s and Iraq's infrastructure and medical assistance to Afghans and Iraqis, in addition to poverty reduction programs in the United States and world wide. We are also calling for accountability for those who have committed war crimes.

The White House action is a key component of a number of complimentary actions planned for early October.


Movement to End Israeli Apartheid Research Workshop! THURS, 8/20 6:30 pm!

Ever thought your research skills aren’t what you wished they were? Or that you’d like to adapt the skills you’ve learned in school to your political work? We at MEIA-G certainly have!

We were finally able to confirm an AMAZING research expert who is going to provide us with easy-to-understand tools to help us research our upcoming MEIA-G divestment campaign. We will also learn how to apply these new skills for future campaign research.

Also! Our goal is that the skills acquired at the workshop can be applied to all sorts of political and educational research in our lives. WOW!

See you Thursday, August 20th
6:30 pm- 9:00 pm

Food and Drinks Provided

American Friends Service Committee
189A Sams St
Decatur, GA 30030

Close to Avondale and Decatur MARTA stations.
Call if you need help with transportation! 404-405-7703


National "Healthcare for All" March - September 9th 2009 - 9-9-09

National "Healthcare for All" March - September 9th 2009

This is a call to everyone who can help get the word out. Its time to show that the majority of people want to care for others instead of continuing a profit driven healthcare system.

The Trinumeral 9-9-09

People need to hear the voices of people other than right wingnuts

Its time to MARCH!!!Its time to MARCH!!!Its time to MARCH!!!



Fascists attack Villa Amalia squat in Greece

Fascists under the cover of cops attacked the oldest anarchist squat in Greece with molotov cocktails and beaten a youth. Our comrades successfully driven away the fascists. The squat, Villa Amalia, suffered no damage.

From Wikipedia: "Villa Amalia is one of the first anarchist squats in Athens, Greece. It was first occupied in 1990. It is located in the corner of Acharnon and Cheyden streets, near "Victoria" square. Many punk, rock, hardcore and generally underground events take place at Villa Amalia. The police have evicted the squatters three times, but Villa Amalia has always re-occupied later on."

Many comrades consider it the oldest anarchist squat in Greece and a symbol for the local anarchist movement. In Greek it is called Villa Amalias (Βίλλα Αμαλίας).

During the night of 9 July 2009 at 23:50, a gang of about 30 neonazi fascists supported by cops (both MAT, the Greek riot police, and Deltas) attacked the Villa Amalia squat in central Athens with molotov cocktails. The anarchists successfully defended their social centre against the fascists and driven them away, but not before they severely beat a youth nearby who needed an ambulance (still unclear whether he is a comrade).

The attack must have been pre-arranged by the cops and the fascists; after all their collaboration is well-known in Greece and is becoming more and more official (with dignitaries paying visits to the fascists). We cannot explain in any other way the fact that, according to still unconfirmed information, comrades who were on the nearby Liosion street at 21:00 spotted about 70 cops (of the Deltas team, not riot police).