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  • 6/21/2016 - Anonymous

    Dial 1 800 FARM AID. Tabling permitted with permission

  • 2/29/2016 - Anonymous

    We petition the Obama administration to:

    Determine whether Donald Trump violated any federal civil or criminal laws by establishing "Trump University"

    Yeah, it's kinda anticlimactic to go after Trump for a fraud case when he's planning hideous attacks on minorities, but remember that Al Capone wasn't convicted of gangsterism, but of income tax evasion.

    White House petition to determine whether Donald Trump violated any federal civil or criminal laws by establishing "Trump University"

    We petition the Obama administration to:

    Determine whether Donald Trump violated any federal civil or criminal laws by establishing "Trump University"

  • 2/27/2016 - Anonymous

    Despite the top 1% making prolific profits off of middle class Americans’ credit card debt, Senator Hillary Clinton of New York State made it very clear whose side she was on when working families struggled.  It was not the same side as Senator Bernie Sanders. 

  • 2/19/2016 - Anonymous

    NPR radio 90.1 fm reported that an explosion due to dust in corn meal made into poultry feed was responsible for the death of 25 year old Justin Deems an employee and injuries to 5 oter employees inside the  plant owned by JCG

  • 2/10/2016 - Anonymous

    Chapel Hill is suffering through an ordeal of 3 innocent muslim residnts murdered in an apartment complex according to National NPR hearde on 90.1 fm.

    Muslims, Jews and Christians share many historical sites and housing as well as commercial zones near each other. Violence is not always the norm.

  • 12/06/2015 - Anonymous

     Many US coal plants have been converted to natural gas which for years has benen pumped from Louisiana. This has reduced the number of underground and surface miners who essentially work in Wyoming the largest producer, WEst Virginia the seconf larghest producer, and Kentucky, the 3rd largest producer. Other states such as Pennsylvania and Alabama have active mines and employ miners but they do are a much smaller section of this industry.


    Kentucky passes a law in 1981 due to pressure from people who objected to the royalty status of outside coporationjs who own nearly a1,000,000 surface acres abd 1,000,000 mineral rights which are under the surface.

    Most of this is byween Interstate 64 and Interstate 75.

  • 12/04/2015 - Anonymous

    The atlanta city government is attempting  to drop a legal atomic bomb on the Peachtree Pine Men's Overflow Shelter across Peachtree St. from Emory's Crawford Long Hospital near the North Avenue Marta  bus rail facility.

    Using legal quackery that only mob bosses speak: the shelter open since the 1980's Regan cuts is faced with emminent domain and conversion to a police-fire station.

    This si according to Atlanta Progressive News .com
     week of December 2 2015


  • 11/21/2015 - Anonymous

    I have meet 2 times with the communications director of the city of decatur. Her name is Casie and she wears a pretty red and black jump suit.


    I have been polite: akso I have submitted evidence for what is befalling 47 million qualified applicants who have proved residence, income and other data for federal and state authorities. There is a tiny amount of fraud but it is being investigated and prosecuted by authorities.

    Casie will not meet with me nor return svattered, polite telephone calls.

    1. The food stamp office lays in the city of Decatur boundaries legally.

    2. Some area churches get donated groceries 1 day a week with a liscense and sign-up.

    3. We want to alert citizens of what is going on before it snowballs in an ugly picture.

    3. This is a lifeline so people can work, have family of some undetermined size and play.


  • 11/15/2015 - Anonymous

     Thermal Underwear,  wool or cotton socks and gloves and caps are needed in SE shelters. Most shelters have access to a washer=dryer connection and people lose or discard clothing annually due to a wide number of reasons.Several years ago the Peachtree Pine shelter worked with CynthMcKinney ro collect winter jackets. Domestic violence places are another part of this category. Please look once or twice in your closet.

  • 11/13/2015 - Anonymous

    We are meeting in the Decatur Libary at 7pm Wednesday November 18 2015.On the secong floor.


    WE are demanding political, social, cultural and economic assistance to the recent cuts in the national


    food stamp electronic card. This vard is carried by 47 million people  who cannot buy tobacco or alcohol.


    The applicant or an inviduak or family must prove income, residency and reapply each year at a county office.


    In DeKalb the office is at a DFACS office near New Street and behind the Avondale MARTA bus/rail.


    THese cuts are small but cumulative and most individuals have been given only 150$ per month.


    This is not pro worker nor pro family. For a map of what regions voted for or con see Huffington Post 2015 Food Stamp Program May National Cuts to Food Stamp.