Plagiarist king: Bob Dylan

 dylan himself owned up to lying in his autobiography chronicles vol.1, where he wrote: "truth is a cruel horror of a joke", and that he had early in his life decided that if he ever stumbled upon any truth he´d sit on it and keep it down. trouble with Truth is, you can´t really keep it down for too long - somebody´s gonna find u out sooner or later. at the onset of his career, prospects were real dim for dylan: his first album, published in 1962, had flopped miserably. his record company wanted to drop him, but his powerful mentor/discoverer, john hammond II, insisted dylan be given a second chance. and the second chance worked beyond all expectation: the freewheeling bob dylan, published in 1963 when the artist had just turned 22, was an enormous worldwide success, selling in excess of 1 million copies in the US alone and catapulting a hitherto complete unknown into cult status and stardom. on the face of it, dylan deserved his achievement: blowing in the wind, masters of war and hard rain- the 3 great songs on freewheeling and his 3 most famous songs to this day- are indeed beautiful: except - he did not write them. that is to say, he may have written the words, if indeed he did. but he certainly did not write the music. he stole those 3 beautiful melodies from the afroamerican and the english/keltic folk repertoire, of which he had become a great expert. the melody of blowing in the wind, his most famous song ever, dylan stole from an afroamerican spiritual called No More Auction Block. - to be continued -