Tue, 01/15/2013 - 6:30pm - 7:30pm
East Atlanta Farmers Market location
561 Flat Shoals Ave Across from Midway Pub
Atlanta, GA
United States

Thanks Goodness It's Not a Candlelit Vigil

On Tuesday January 15th there will be a rally in support of Luke O'Donovan at the East Atlanta Farmers market location at 6:30pm before his courtdate which is the next day. Luke O'Donovan is queer Atlanta teen who was attacked at a party in Reynoldstown. In the fight a large crowd of people, witnesses say between 8-12, beat and stomped Luke, and stabbed him three times in the back. They also used gay slurs against Luke, as they had earlier in the night. Luke defended his life against his attackers. 5 other people besides Luke received stab wounds or cuts. After the incident Luke was charged with 5 counts of Aggravated assault while his attackers walked free. He has been denied bond and is currently in jail.

Many people who witnessed the fight said it looked as though the mob intended to kill Luke until Luke saved his life. Luke is not the first to experience violence from a homophobic mob. Our world is still dominated by hetero-normativity, and the homophobic words so many use in their every day life sometimes turn into violent attacks.

We are thankful that in this case Luke managed to escape his attackers so we don't have to have a candleight vigil for him or to make funderal arrangements. Come out for a rally to support Luke and show that although the state has deemed Luke in the wrong for defending himself, there are many in the world who love and support him.


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