Re: Children Have Rights Too!!!

Contact the ACLU in regards to both the teacher and the bus driver.  This is completely against your rights in both situations.  

As for the teacher, requiring a paper on the biblical history of Christmas, perhaps she should actually learn the true history of the holiday before asking her students to write the papers.  It isn't even a christian holiday.  It has been a celebrated holiday 2000 years before the birth of Christ, by, (ready for this?) pagans.  It was adopted by christians. 

If you think you are celebrating the birth of Christ, think again.  He wasn't even born in December. 

(I have requested a copy of this pamphlet to be mailed to Mrs. Ross c/o the Carroll County School District, hopefully she will read it)

Perhaps Mrs. Ross should stick to the subjects that she is actually paid to teach, or quit her job and become a Sunday school teacher, which seems to be what she belives her true calling is.  Perhaps she could try to teach a class on religious tolerance, as it seems to be severely lacking in todays society.

To Christopher and your family, please believe there are many of us out here who support you.  Hold your head up high and be proud to stick to your beliefs and don't allow the narrowminded, ignorance of others break your spirit.  

K. Long

Denver, Colorado