Re: Children Have Rights Too!!!

I wanted to answer a few questions that have been asked.

First, I am not sure if a meeting actually ever took place between the principal and my sons teacher. I never received a call and have not had anyone as of yet call me back responding to messages I have left. Mr. Goldberg was very helpful in the first incident and he may have been out of town this past week. I am hopeing I hear from him within the coming days. I am looking into legal action if anyone knows anyone that could help me. I do not have money for legal help so am not sure what route to go. I have had many people contact me and help me understand homeschooling a little better and believe this is what my family will do. I just wanted to clarify that Mr. Goldberg was very helpful innitially. I do believe I will hear from him. My son will not be returning to Bowdon Elementary.

I am writing a letter to the ACLU. For some reason they do not have a direct number and state that you must write a letter. I have been given a few other numbers to call and am hopeing that we will have some help.

Thank you again to everyone.

Ms. Turner