Anarchist Reading Group: Desert (1/2)

Sun, 02/17/2013 - 5:00pm - 7:30pm
Java Monkey Coffee Shop
Across from Decatur MARTA Station
Atlanta, GA
United States

Join us for another anarchist reading group to discuss chapters 1-5 of the essay "Desert."

We will meet two weeks later, on March 3,  to discuss chapters 6-10 of the same text.

Link for PDF of "Desert":

From the text:

“In our hearts we know the world will not be ‘saved’.

Can active disillusionment be liberatory?

What possibilities for liberty and wildness might be closed, or opened up, by unstoppable climate change, increasing surveillance, and the expansion and contraction of civilizations?”


Re: Anarchist Reading Group: Desert (1/2)

Re: Anarchist Reading Group: Desert (1/2)

Hell yea! I am excited about this reading group starting up again.

Re: Anarchist Reading Group: Desert (1/2)

This essay is pretty great.  Looking forward to the discussion.