Solidarity w/Egyptian Uprising

Wed, 02/06/2013 - 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Little 5 Points
Euclid and Moreland in the square
Atlanta, GA
United States
Over the past few weeks, Egypt has been rocked by another wave of revolutionary activity.

Demonstrations all over the country have drawn tens of thousands and they have all been met with state repression as the security forces, controlled by President Mori of the Muslim Brotherhood party. Black Blocairo has called for solidarity actions and demonstrations on  the 6th of February around the world to draw attention to the desperate situation the people of Egypt are facing.



Call out to organize action the night of February the 6th from Egyptian revolutionaries:

Blocade All Power! International Call For Solidarity With Egyptian Anarchists & Those Fighting For Total Freedom As night falls on February 6th_____Find your friends, comrades. Head to the centers of power in your area______The Egyptian state has declared the black bloc illegal, to be hunted down, beaten and arrested_____We ask state and capital for nothing, their tyranny will never mean freedom____Every single person on this planet who struggles is a friend____On February 6th, our solidarity equals strength.

Mainstream media coverage:


Re: Solidarity w/Egyptian Uprising

This was rad

Re: Solidarity w/Egyptian Uprising

I messaged some of the admins to this page. Maybe others can help spread the word! This is tomorrow!

Re: Solidarity w/Egyptian Uprising

Here is the FB event page for the ATL demo.

Re: Solidarity w/Egyptian Uprising

I don't suppose anyone has done outreach to the local egyptian/arab communities for this event?

Re: Solidarity w/Egyptian Uprising

I do not have Facebook but I did when the initial Egypt solidarity rally took place.

i searched "solidarity with egypt rally atlanta cnn facebook" on google and the first thing that pulled up was the origional event.  I can't see it because I dont have a facebook account but I do remember there being hundreds of people on the list.  Might be worth checking for the purpose of sending out invites and messages or to contact and coordinate with other organizers.